All you need to configure your online booking calendar

Datelist User guide

Booking management

Once everything is configured and your booking widget is live, you'll start to get some reservations. You can see them depicted as blue lots in the "Availability and booking" section.


But sometimes, automation is not sufficient. There are a few cases where some manual operations will be required. Let's see some common scenarios.

Edit or delete a reservation

If you want to edit or delete a reservation, just click on a blue slot. You'll be redirected to a screen like this:


Just edit the information you'd like to change and click on save. By default, every change will be notified to your user by email, but you can disable this using a checkbox.

Book from a reservation made off-line

Another common scenario is the case of a customer booking offline. When this situation happens, you'll need to add it to your Datelist calendar (otherwise, it will still appear as free on your online calendar).

To achieve that, just click on an empty space in the calendar and select "Book as a customer".